“Expression is the opposite of depression.”

Joseph Trusso


At Imagine Matters, my purpose is to share my ART with the world. And through that sharing — encourage people to create and express themselves from a conscious curiosity so that they may fully experience how it feels to be alive.

Imagine Matters was founded by “Yeshua” — Joshua Halinen.


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These sessions are aimed to connect individuals or groups of individuals to their spirit, to let their intuitive-self, or inner-teacher guide them to express themselves through whatever medium they choose. And remove blocks that keep them from creating. If you’d like a free consultation to see if we’re the right fit — contact me HERE.

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“When I draw I rarely have an idea in mind, I simply start stroking the paper with my pen. It doesn’t feel like I’m drawing on blank paper, but rather like I’m scraping away the blank page to let the image be revealed. Often the experience feels like I am the pen and Source is drawing.” – Yeshua

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