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I am Loved

Do you ever miss your friends, partners, or lovers and have the feeling of lack or need for them? Or the feeling of being incomplete? After a weekend filled with connection and intimacy, I found myself in that space last night. I’ve done a lot, I mean a lot of self-love and self-healing work over the last few years. And through it I’ve learned at the end of the day the only person I am always with is me. I greatly appreciate my friends, partners, lovers and the mirror they are for me and who they are in themselves. But I can’t spend all my life looking in the mirror. And when I come to that space that I just found myself in. A space of loneliness, I find it so helpful to remember I am never alone. I am right here. I am present. And I love me very much, thank you! With that presence for myself comes presents. I am learning more and more to love the ocean of my emotions, the tide coming in and going out. I chose to go to sleep knowing I am whole and I am here for myself. I recommend not going to sleep longing for another but rather being present for yourself!

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