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For Yeshua, becoming an artist was a journey to discover himself, his connection to Source and to feeling alive. It involved giving up a life that he’d grown comfortable with to search unknown parts of himself. This process led him into a deep connection to nature and to the cosmos, which is evident in his art.

“When I draw I rarely have an idea in mind, I simply start stroking the paper with my pen. It doesn’t feel like I’m drawing on blank paper, but rather like I’m scraping away the blank page to let the image be revealed. Often the experience feels like I am the pen and Source is drawing.” – Yeshua

Yeshua is an self-taught or Spirit-taught artist. 


Yeshua is a certified Life Coach, ordained minister, astrologer and Usui Reiki master.


Sessions with me will be an exploration into your intuitive artistic process. I will hold space and guide you in removing blocks to your creativity not just in art but through out the rest of your life. Everything is connected, so connecting to yourself will enable you to experience how it feels to be ALIVE and connected to Source.

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