Have you ever felt as if you’re simply existing? Like you’re not dead but you don’t really feel alive? Or like you’re chasing something and just when you think you have your desire it somehow slips through your fingers? And it continues to slip through your fingers time and time again? Often, the result is an inner dialogue that can become unkind or downright mean, perpetuating this negative cycle, and preventing change and growth.

You are not alone! We have been there too. And it wasn’t until we were able to accept ourselves and love ourselves as we are and recognize ourselves as Divine that everything shifted.

Residing in a space of perpetual unfulfillment is not living. Feeling alive does not have to continue to be illusive. You do have the power to change, to experience connection, acceptance, true presence, true love and bliss. And our approach in guiding our clients is to help them connect to their desire nature, to their sexuality, to their creativity, to their inner teacher and to their life force. To not only acknowledge and see their own divinity but to shine their divinity brightly out into the world. 

Meet Joshua

Joshua meets people with full presence and great care, holding a space that is both safe and healing. In connecting to his intuition Joshua helps to unearth the blocks to one’s desires, whatever it is that is keeping them from living a life where they actually feel alive. Joshua helps guide people inward in both a deconstruction and reconstruction of their inner reality, because one’s outer reality will not change until one has changed their inner reality.

Joshua facilitates the process of self-love and self-actualization through conscious curiosity. He guides connection to one’s inner teacher and creativity through dissolving blocks of fear, guilt and shame; and sparks expression of their desire nature through reclaiming their sexuality — their life-force.  His focus is to help people live a life where they actually feel ALIVE!


After 25 years entrenched in Christianity and a year of missionary work in the inner city of Newark, New Jersey, I transitioned to studies in spirituality at L’Abri in the Swiss Alps. I walked the Road to Santiago, starting in the French Pyrenees, across Spain to Santiago de Compostela. On that journey I had an epiphany that there are as many pathways to God as there are people. That everyone is worshiping the same “God” but denying the experience of others with Source or Deity. 

In 2016, I was drawn to Native American spirituality and shamanism. I felt called to Standing Rock, ND to protest the North Dakota Access Pipeline with the Lakota along with hundreds of other indigenous tribes. It was a transformational time for me that sparked a whole new way of being and living. 

I left my job of 10 years in the service industry and began independent studies and practices in Tantra, Astrology, spirituality, sexuality, psychology, media studies, shadow work, Kundalini yoga, meditation, Tarot, psychic development, breathwork, the Alchemies of Horus, health and nutrition, energy, and masturbation (including mirror masturbation). I am certified as a Life Coach, an ordained minister and a USUI Reiki Master. In addition, I began an ongoing mentorship in Astrology, Tantra, sexuality, media studies, and writing.

I facilitate workshops on self-actualization, deconstructing shame and guilt, energy movement, building Life-Force energy, the Power of 8, intuitive art and dance, and deeper connection to Source. 

Meet Phantasmagoria

Phantasmagoria is present with her whole being; listening with ears, mind, feeling, intuition, spirit, empathy, claircognizance, and clairaudience.  From this presence, she helps others dive deep quickly. It is with great joy that she helps others step into living each moment fully present with the yum of life.


With a background 1st in teaching spirituality in a Christian context, I transitioned into a chthonic (earth-based) path, studying for 19 years under an Apache elder, as well as practicing the sacred teachings of Isis. The past 17 years, I have also learned from elders in Cherokee, Apache, Shoshone, Lakota, Hopi and Tibetan Buddhist paths. My current practices are additionally informed by my experiences within Maori, Druid, Celtic, Mayan, Hindu and Navajo traditions. I also have training in breathwork, neurolinguistic reprogramming, herbalism, intuitive healing and psychic work. Nothing is appropriated; all I offer is with permission.

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