I began A course in Miracles in 2018 and found it to be a helpful way in changing my perspective of Source; from that of an angry God — to that which is the Source of all things. This has helped me be much more loving toward and accepting of myself.

A Course in Miracles

Living in Hell: A Diary of My Escape from Christianity

All my life I was afraid of going to hell. It wasn’t until I was about thirty years old that I realized I had been living in hell. That hell is not some place people go when they die; rather it’s a state of mind people reside in when they’re not living. By “Yeshua” — […]

Lesson 100: My part is essential to God’s plan for salvation.

Just as God’s Son completes his Father, so your part in it completes your Father’s plan. Salvation must reverse mad belief in separate thoughts and separate bodies, which lead separate lives and go their separate ways. One function shared by separate minds unites them in one purpose, for each one of them is equally essential […]

Lesson 99: Salvation is my only function here.

This is the Thought that brings illusions to the truth, and sees them as appearances behind which is the changeless and the sure. This is the Thought that saves and that forgives, because it lays no faith in what is not created by the only Source it knows. This is the thought whose function is […]

Lesson 98: I will accept my part in God’s plan for salvation.

Today is a day of special dedication. We take a stand on but one side today. We side with truth and let illusions go. We will not vacillate between the two, but take a firm position with the One. We dedicate ourselves to truth today, and to salvation as God planned it be. We will […]

Lesson 97: I am spirit.

Today’s idea identifies you with your one Self. It accepts no split identity, nor tries to weave opposing factors into unity. It simply states the truth. Practice this truth today as often as you can, for it will bring your mind from conflict to the quiet fields of peace. No chill of fear can enter, […]

Lesson 96: Salvation comes from my one Self.

We will attempt today to find this thought, whose presence in your mind is guaranteed by Him Who speaks to you from your one Self. Our hourly five-minute practicing will be a search for Him within your mind. Salvation comes from this one Self through Him Who is the Bridge between your mind and It. […]

Lesson 95: I am one Self, united with my Creator.

Today we will affirm this truth again, and try to reach the place in you in which there is no doubt that only this is true. Begin the practice periods today with this assurance, offered to your mind with all the certainty that you can give: I am one Self, united with my Creator, at […]

Lesson 94: I am as God created me.

Longer practice: Today we will again devote the first five minutes of each waking hour to the attempt to feel the truth in you. Begin these times of searching with these words: I am as God created me. I am His Son eternally. Shorter practice: If you do not meet the requirement of practicing for […]

Lesson 93: Light and joy and peace abide in me.

Longer practice: In our longer exercise periods today, which would be most profitable if done for the first five minutes of every waking hour, begin by stating the truth about your creation: Light and joy and peace abide in me. My sinlessness is guaranteed by God. Shorter practice: You may not be willing or even […]

Lesson 89: Review II I am entitled to miracles. (77 – Review)

Behind this is a miracle to which I am entitled. Let me not hold a grievance against you, [name], but offer you the miracle that belongs to you instead. Seen truly, this offers me a miracle. Let miracles replace all grievances.(78 – Review) I would not hold this grievance apart from my salvation. Let our […]


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