Owl (Signed Limited Edition Print)


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Road to Stand on Rock

Old warrior’s face

With me walk.

Right leg limps,

Uphill journey.


The music surrounds

Spectacular lights.

And I am a child, playing.

I am an old woman, singing.

I am an old man, dancing.


Spirit within me

Moves, teaches.

I dance with the wind

In the Sun’s embrace.


The manjeera sings,

Introducing me to owl;

Who comes flying

Through night’s fire.


My hands move down

On their own,

Drawing in the earth

Eyes, body, beak.


From there, snake rise,

Buzzing up my spine.

Now I see inside color,

Awake in dream.


Put back together

The broken stone heart.

Weave the driftwood

Back into beating heart.


Offer to the river

Before the waters freeze.

Scream your prayers

Not in language but in feeling.


Then come back to the fire

To tend your soul,

Warm your sex

And your desire.


By Joshua Halinen


Size: 11” by 14”


Medium: Fine Point Pens


Date: August 14, 2019

Copyright 2019 – Joshua Halinen – All Rights Reserved

This is a print – Contact joshua@imaginematters.com about pricing and availability of original artwork

Additional information

Dimensions 14 × 11 in


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