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Fort Night

First Friday, Monthly – 7pm to 10pm PDT -Via ZOOM

Connect to your inner child and play. We are SUPER EXCITED about sharing this workshop!!! – Offered Monthly

Once upon a time: In the back of a pickup truck outside of Trader Joe’s two inner children came out to play. There was comfort food and chocolate chip cookies. We began talking in our kid voices and in our innocence we cultivated a new kind of connection we hadn’t experienced since childhood. It was vulnerable and kind, playful and tender – allowing ourselves to be seen more fully. It opened up parts of us that we usually keep tucked away for safety. Everyone knows a blanket fort is a safe place. That safe place allows for our inner children to come out and be seen. 

How to prepare for fort night: Get your blankets, maybe some cord and at least two chairs for your fort. Have a space cleared to build your fort. Foods, anything that reminds you of good memories from childhood – it might be mac’n cheese, grilled cheese, hot chocolate, or milk and chocolate chip cookies. Bring your favorite stuffed animal or blankie if you have one. Invite a buddy. This could be your lover or just a good friend. And a computer or phone to connect with us. And don’t forget your inner child and kid voice.

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